Energy Efficient Window Coverings

Designing Daylight in Orlando

@import url http://kingpin/CuteSoft_Client/CuteEditor/Load.ashx?type=style&file=SyntaxHighlighter.css ;@import url /style/style.css ; In light of the Hunter Douglas "Lighter Side of Living Savings Event," let us help you understand a little bit better about motorized window treatments. They can harness the suns light and work with it to provide maximum filtration and energy efficiency for your home - and you rarely have to lift a finger. Well maybe just one. Hunter Douglas brings you the fi...

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Is Your Home 'Smart'?

Think 'smart' homes are only in the movies - or only for the uber weathly? Not anymore. You can have a home that works for you - providing energy efficiency, privacy and light control - and you don't even have to think about it! You ask how? Let us introduce TaHomA, a home automation system by Somfy that is affordable for everyone. What is the Somfy TaHomA System? The Somfy TaHomA system is the latest in home innovations, a Total Home Automation system which provides you with the remote control ...

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Save Money with Solar Screen Shades

Picking the right shades for your home is important for many reasons. Not only do they add an aesthetic element to any room, they also can help keep your home cool by keeping our unwanted light and heat. But did you realize that they can also save you money? Windows are known to be the cause behind most of the energy loss in our homes – whether they are letting out hot air in the winter or letting in the sun’s rays in the summer, heating up our homes. Many shades can help prevent the...

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