Top Treatments & Roman Shades & Draperies, Oh My!

We have some interesting facts and figures for you and also some inspiring decor pictures for you visual ones! . It's quite possible you've found some great inspiration rooms by flipping through the most popular shelter magazines such as Dwell, Architectural Digest, House and Garden, ELLE Decor, Country Living...and the list goes on and on! Here are the numbers: Out of nearly 950 window treatments that were shown, the product choice breakdown is pretty interesting and overwhelmingly one-...

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Introducing Our ShadesToYou Smartphone App!

They are always by our side. Tucked into our purse, in our pocket or simply clutched in our hand at all times. These precious little companions are our smart pones. It's hard to find someone now a days without one. We are constantly on them -- socializing, emailing, searching the internet, making purchases and even paying bills. There isn't too much our smartphones can't do. And to think, they are only going to get more sophisticated! These little hand held devices are the catalyst for mobile ad...

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Retrofit Your Existing Blinds

Retrofit Your Existing Blinds In keeping with the awareness October brings to our industry for window cord safety, we've provided a quick reference guide to help you retrofit your existing blinds - making them safer for children and pets. Questions? Give us a ring! Chart courtesy of the Window Covering Safety Council....

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October is Nation Window Covering Safety Month! Continued

October is National Window Covering Safety Month! ...Continued... Already have window coverings that are in good shape? See below for instructions on how to bring them up to child and pet safety standards....

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October is National Window Covering Safety Month!

October Is National Window Covering Safety Month! With this annual observance, our industry strives to raise public awareness of potential cord hazards. We've seen the unfortunate national statistics and now there are regulations in place for all newly manufactured window coverings. According to information provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC , since 1990 more than 200 infants and young children have died from accidentally strangling in window cords. With this campaign...

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Meet Our Window Covering Consultants!

Meet Our Window Covering Consultants! Meet Marcia! Marcia has been in the window covering industry 25+ years, including her own home sewing business, 10 years as a decorating consultant with JCPenney's, and now nearly 3 years with ShadesToYou. What Marcia loves most about window coverings, design and working for ShadesToYou is, meeting new people and helping them with solutions to their window covering needs. Marcia is a Member of the Sanford Chamber of Commerce. She also volunteers some of her ...

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Endless Possibilities with Custom Drapery

@import url http://kingpin/CuteSoft_Client/CuteEditor/Load.ashx?type=style&file=SyntaxHighlighter.css ;@import url /style/style.css ; Make Your House a Home with Custom Drapery For a makeover that truly encompasses your style and incorporates existing elements you already love about your decor, custom drapery is the perfect way to "accessorize" your home. Swags and panels and cornices, oh my! There are endless possibilities when it comes to dressing up those naked windows. Even if you c...

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Fresh Ideas with Artwork

@import url http://kingpin/CuteSoft_Client/CuteEditor/Load.ashx?type=style&file=SyntaxHighlighter.css ;@import url /style/style.css ; Eye-catching artwork adds more personality to rooms than any other home decorating item. Art brings emotion and feeling into your interior look. It's so personal that it lets people know something about you just by walking into your house. Most people think of artwork as the finishing touch to a room - and it can be your last decorating step. ...

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Fresh Ideas with the Right Kitchen Table

The right kitchen table is the perfect anchor for your most-used room. Select well and it will serve all your needs, from quick family meals to an extra food prep work surface to homemade projects. Just like the look of a kitchen itself, kitchen tables come in all shapes, styles, colors and sizes. The perfect table for you may be very different than the ideal table for someone else. It all depends on how you want your kitchen table to look, and how you want it to function. When you select a look...

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Wood vs. Composite Shutters - Which is Best for You?

Wood vs. Composite Shutters Which is best for you and your home? We have recently had a lot of customers asking, "Which type of shutter is better?" and "What are the pros and cons to each?" Here, we hope to clear up any confusion between the two types of our best-selling shutters. While both products have certain features that are specific to each, some of these features are strictly personal preference. Please allow us to shed some light on these beautiful, quality Norman Shutters. ShadesToYou ...

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Fresh Ideas Using Antiques

Adding a vintage piece or antique to a room will keep your decor from looking bland, like a hotel room. Sometimes the best-intentioned neutral look, put together with lots of planing and filled with quality furnishings, can just look bland. But when you add one or two pieces of vintage furniture or antique accessories, the room will become your own, and reflect your personality, rather than looking like a hotel room or office lobby. And since many of us have "old stuff" that belonged to a dear d...

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Fresh Ideas with Bold Colors

One of the most reasonable ways to make your home look memorable is to add bold colors... ...because you can make a big difference with small touches. Bold hues make a statement and are a popular decorating trend right now. If you're craving some color in your interior look, think about making a bold statement with vibrant color: Neon or electric colors Bright red or bright blue Acid green or orange Jewel-toned reds, greens and blues Shocking pink or turquoise Bold is best in small quantities. S...

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Using the 5th Wall Well

Using the 5 th Wall Well By Fawn Chang Tips for raising a low ceiling with color! Often one of the most forgotten surfaces in our homes is the ceiling, yet it is consistently one piece of architecture that dramatically influences how the room feels and looks. A low white ceiling will feel like a lid, defining how high the box is in which we live, making us feel claustrophobic, impairing our ability to think clearly and creativity. But it’s not just the whiteness that affects us, it is also...

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Color Trends Reflect Emotional Needs of 2012/2013

Colors Trends Reflect Emotional Needs of 2012/2013 By: Fawn Chang Why trends? Be where the market is going! In 2012 and 2012, the trends reflect a new positivism, a need to amp up the focus on experiencing life with intensity. Strong color will help us experience what we truly value. Some of us will seek to live vibrantly as a rebellion against disenchantment and to stir our senses with vivid hues. Others will look for understated style, foregoing conspicuous display and to unplug from the high-...

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Fresh Ideas for Your Home: Bay and Bow Windows

Fresh Ideas for Your Home: Bay and Bow Windows Installing a bay or bow window creates an engaging point of interest and makes a room feel bigger. It also adds VALUE to your home. Thinking ahead to your next remodeling project? Consider adding a bay or bow window to the rooms you live in most – your living room, kitchen or bedroom. The pushed-out window creates the illusion of a larger room and increases the flow of light into your home. A bay window is a window that comes out from a wall; ...

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Blue is Back! Decorating with Blue this Summer

Decorating with Blue and White Makes Rooms Feel Crisp, Clean and Fresh Calm and classic, bold and dramatic, and more. The choice is yours, depending on the shades of blue you select. From sky blue to navy black to sapphire and everything in between, blue is back. Such is the versatility of the color we call blue and the many shades available that all the phrases below describe the feelings you can create based on a decorating scheme focusing on blue. Light and relaxed Crisp and simple Fresh and ...

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Money Saving Tips for Summer

The temperature isn’t the only thing that rises during the summer – more often than not, so does your electric bill. But there are some ways that you can curb the costs of keeping your home a comfortable temperature. First and foremost, make sure to keep your air conditioner set high – preferably over 78 degrees. This may sound high, but when the air outside is so hot it can actually keep you cool. Also make sure to check your AC filter, and change it, as a dirty air conditione...

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Hunter Douglas Products: A Step Above the Rest

@import url http://kingpin/CuteSoft_Client/CuteEditor/Load.ashx?type=style&file=SyntaxHighlighter.css ;@import url /style/style.css ; Many of the Hunter Douglas products we offer are a step above the rest of window treatments available. Shades to You is a priority dealer of Hunter Douglas products, meaning we have access of all of the top of the line window shades, shutters, and blinds that they have to offer. Hunter Douglas’ custom-made window fashions have a number of advantages. The...

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Home Motorization with the Somfy TaHoma system

The Somfy TaHomA system is the latest in home innovations, a Total Home Automation system which provides you with remote control over many things in your home, including motorized shades, awnings, lights, and even your thermostat. It uses the latest in wireless technology so you can control, schedule, and monitor the processes in your home. By monitoring your home, you can help to optimize the efficiency of the interactions between a variety of things, including the natural and artificial lighti...

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What are the benefits of Solar Screen Shades?

In previous blogs, we have written about the benefits of solar screens for your home’s budget. They prevent the sun’s heat from coming into your home, lowering your electricity costs. But the benefits of solar screen shades don’t stop here, rather, they can even help with your health! For example, they can protect you from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun that might peek through your windows and harm your skin on a daily basis. They also help to shield your eyes from th...

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Summertime Savings with Solar Screen Shades

As the Floridian summer months hit, you might be thinking of ways to keep your home cool and also lower your electricity bill. One such option you might consider is solar shades. Solar shades are an easy and comparable replacement for conventional window screens, allowing you to still enjoy the view and for air to come in the room, while blocking out the sun’s harmful rays. In fact, most solar screens can keep out 80 to 90 percent of the sun’s heat, as well as the sun’s harmful...

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Window Treatments or Room Dividers...or BOTH?

Sometimes open floor plans are exactly what you want to create a sense of grandeur or openness, but many times there needs to be a clear definition between one space to the next. How about having the option? We can offer a beautiful, sophisticated and streamlined option with a product originally designed for windows and sliding glass doors. The Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding Window Panels create visual interest when mounted to the ceiling and drawn across the width of the room. Separate k...

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Setting The Standard

Setting the Standard Custom window treatments are one of the best ways to decorate and insulate your home. Purchasing custom treatments is now affordable for virtually every budget. You will also save on both time and headaches by letting the professionals provide a design consultation, measurements and installation. One thing to remember: there is no such thing as a standard window size. Whether your home is new or old there is not a standard window measurement that it's possible ...

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Roman Shades

@import url http://kingpin/CuteSoft_Client/CuteEditor/Load.ashx?type=style&file=SyntaxHighlighter.css ;@import url /style/style.css ; Modern Roman Shades By:ShadesToYou We meet with a lot of people in our showroom as well as in their homes. Recently, we have had a lot of requests for Roman shades. These are not a new design, but a treatment virtually everyone has heard about. Window treatments, just like clothing fashion, comes and goes and comes back again. We are seeing trends come ...

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We are nearing a week into 2012; the holidays are over and we are already looking forward to the thought of a warm Spring. It's a time to make and keep new year resolutions. Resolutions are to make ourselves feel better, more comfortable, happier. Well this may mean a few extra trips to the gym or a few less fast food drive thru's, but it can also mean getting your home to look and feel the way that truly reflects who you are. We challenge you to take that next step to refresh yo...

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Happy Independence day!

@import url http://kingpin/CuteSoft_Client/CuteEditor/Load.ashx?type=style&file=SyntaxHighlighter.css ;@import url /style/style.css ; Happy 4 th of July from all of us at ShadesToYou! We are proud to say that all of our ShadesToYou products are made in the USA at our Orlando area workshop! Each window shade, blind, and shutter is fashioned by our skilled craftsmen in this facility. We are also a Hunter Douglas Dealer Service Center for Central Florida. ...

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Route-LESS is More

...When it comes to route holes that is. Traditional wood and faux wood blinds have holes drilled into the center of each slat where the cords are threaded through, thus allowing them to operate. With this construction, the holes are visible when slats are traversed open and the sight is, well, unsightly. Here at ShadesToYou, we like to keep our showroom full of options that go above and beyond the norm. That is why we'd like to familiarize you with route-less wood and faux wood blinds. In this ...

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Motorized Blinds and Shades

Emotions, The Stock Exchange, finances, weather temperatures: things that may not be a good thing when they go up and down. Motorized blinds and shades: always a good thing when they go up and down, especially with just a push of a button. Motorized window coverings are becoming more popular and thus more common in households and offices today. Motorization is garnering vast exposure due to television broadcasts streaming into thousands of households nationwide. One such example is HGTV’s ...

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Cold is Out, Heat is In

Put your hand up to your window. Do you feel the cold air seeping in? Me too, which is why I wanted to address this frigid problem right here, right now. With your heating bill skyrocketing and your layers of clothes doubling, there is a fashionable yet affordable way to take care of this problem without putting in brand new windows. You are in luck to have stumbled upon this blog since I, ShadesToYou's personal Fashionista, have some great options for you! The first note-worthy...

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Designer For A Day

Not everyone would consider themselves a Fashionista like muah, but I know that each and every one of you has a creative bone in your body. Let today be the day you let the creative juices flow and experiment with custom window treatment looks for your home. Virtually put up various types of window treatments selecting from endless styles and colors - without the commitment! Because we know we can all be commitment phobes... "How?" You ask? Great question! Our friends at Hunter Douglas h...

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The Holiday Season is in Full Swing

It's here! The Holiday Season, that is. Have you seen all the commercials and in store promotions? We've all been knocked over the head with the winter wonderland whimsy and jingle bell giddiness. But that's unfortunately not the case for all. We are so thankful for what we have here at ShadesToYou, that we want to help give back to those less fortunate in our community. We need YOUR help, though. We have an entire showroom full of window coverings that have been marked down a stag...

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Weaving Fall Into Your Home

Hi everyone, it’s Windee here and I’m sporting my favorite leather boots and light sweater as I prance around in this glorious fall weather. I have some thoughts to share with you as the cooler months draw closer and I truly believe it’ll make selecting new window coverings less of a pane . What do you think of when you hear the words fall, autumn or harvest? Perhaps pumpkins, hot apple cider, cinnamon and natural earth tones… Well, there is a way to bring the natural fee...

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Child Safety

Well, it’s already nearly two weeks into October and aside for the weather alluding to the holiday season, it is also Child Safety Month. Although this month was selected by The National Window Covering Council to bring attention to our children's safety when it comes to window coverings, we feel at ShadesToYou that is our duty to inform you of a few simple ways to keep those kiddos safe around your home. Our friend’s at Hunter Douglas have been working hard and are now proud to anno...

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Nice To Meet You

Introductions are definitely in order! Hello faithful ShadesToYou readers, I'd like to introduce myself as The Fashionista a little mysterious, but all fashion forward . I will be your window covering fashionista and blogger! Because honestly, who wants to read a blog that doesn’t have an author on the other side of the screen? Forget your typical generic company blog. On behalf of ShadesToYou, and based on your feedback, comments and questions, I will be bringing you the latest industry n...

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@import url http://kingpin/CuteSoft_Client/CuteEditor/Load.ashx?type=style&file=SyntaxHighlighter.css ;@import url /style/style.css ; Welcome! Our specialty is window coverings, but we’ve found a little niche in the blogosphere because when it comes down to it, we are all about open communication at ShadesToYou . We value the importance of long lasting relationships and want to leverage this opportunity to allow everyone we know and work with to always feel connected – now it...

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