Color Trends Reflect Emotional Needs of 2012/2013

Friday, July 06, 2012

Colors Trends Reflect Emotional Needs of 2012/2013

Why trends? Be where the market is going!
In 2012 and 2012, the trends reflect a new positivism, a need to amp up the focus on experiencing life with intensity.

Strong color will help us experience what we truly value.

Some of us will seek to live vibrantly as a rebellion against disenchantment and to stir our senses with vivid hues.

Others will look for understated style, foregoing conspicuous display and to unplug from the high-powered 24/7 world into an escape that arouses the senses with texture and touch.

Color trends always reflect our deep emotional needs and this coming year is no different. Watch around you to see how the chromatic density is turned up and how you are drawn to drink in the life giving colors of nature in all her seasons.

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View the four new trend palettes in PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ Voice of Color program for 2012-2013 and if you don’t fancy these, read on below:Local Revival Color & Design Palette is natural, soft, in rhythm with local beauty.


Local Revival

This trend is about unplugging from a complicated life and living more simply, in harmony with one’s community. It’s about reconnecting with the rhythm of the seasons, homegrown foods and the materials of the region. Craftsmanship is valued. Materials are strong and classic: leather, wood, aged metal. Design forms are simple and familiar: antique-industrial and retro-mechanical. Folkloric patterns tell the stories of generations. The palette is a mix of red berries, stone gray and solid brown refreshed by a creamy white. PPG colors in this palette are Rum Punch (231-7), Burnt Red (133-7), Pralines and Cream (117-3), Earl Grey (522-5) and Poppy Pods (526-6).

Beauty Queen is Sophistication meets Disco, sort of like Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta

Beauty Queen

This palette speaks to the unapologetically confident woman. It’s the return of glam with disco sophistication. Beauty Queen strikes a feminine note but doesn’t exclude her suave, charming man. It’s high-intensity color that can turn light and airy on a dime. Lush and mysterious, soft and fresh, girly but not; the built-in contrasts sensation-seekers want. Ultra-slick surfaces like Lucite and mirrors capture the best spirit of the 70s. Sharp fuchsia pink and juicy purple are softened with cosmetic pink and freshened with this year’s brighter teal and white. PPG colors in this palette are Grape Juice (240-7), Tutti Frutti (138-7), Whirlpool (202-3), Candlelight Beige (216-1) and Brandy Alexander (535-3).


Quiet Tech

Quiet Tech is soft, quiet, and richly intellectual.

It’s impossible to unplug without a place to escape to, so minimalism is the foundation of this trend. Rooms have visual interest without complication. Details and embellishments are kept to a minimum. Pale and mid-tone wood tones don’t overpower the space. Shapes are rounded and tactile to keep rooms from feeling barren or cold. In the palette, ink blues play with earthy and calming neutrals.PPG colors in this palette are Gray Stone (517-4), Blue Tang (449-7), Chinese Porcelain (449-6), Earthy Ocher (315-5) and Spice Delight (215-2).


Deco Candy

Bold color and power packed punch,

Bringing together vibrant colors and fun design, Deco Candy transforms a home into an intensely joyful playground. A vivid harmony of citrus accented by this year’s bright blue, clean green and tangerine, the color scheme is irresistibly optimistic. Stripes and color-blocking bring a sense of organization to what could otherwise be too boisterous a spectrum of hues.

*This post was written by Fawn Chang, a National Color and Design Consultant at PPG Industries as well as a Color Specialist with Exciting Colors!, a division of Exciting Windows! We are thrilled to have her featured on our blog and will be enlightening you with her expertise and vast knowledge in the world of color and how it can relate to your home and decor.
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