Fresh Ideas for Your Home: Bay and Bow Windows

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fresh Ideas for Your Home: Bay and Bow Windows

Installing a bay or bow window creates an engaging point of interest and makes a room feel bigger.


It also adds VALUE to your home.

Thinking ahead to your next remodeling project? Consider adding a bay or bow window to the rooms you live in most – your living room, kitchen or bedroom. The pushed-out window creates the illusion of a larger room and increases the flow of light into your home.

  • A bay window is a window that comes out from a wall; it is typically three or four sided or more. It’s called a bay window because it adds a new bay area in the room.
  • A bow window is a rounded bay window; instead of segments of straight glass, a bow window has rounded glass.


                                   BAY                                                                                  BOW

Bay and bow windows are very versatile, so make the most of your new space. What you do with this area depends on the function of your room and what you want to do in this new addition.


  • Build in a window seat with plenty of pillows, and storage cabinets below, for a sunny place to read and relax.
  • Or build beautiful wood cabinets alone – maybe to match the wood of the window moldings, with space on top for plants, books and more.
  • Or don’t build anything into your bay window. Instead, furnish this engaging corner with an easy chair, an end table and a floor lamp. This will be a perfect spot for plants due to all of the wonderful light that streams in.


                                     BAY                                                                            BOW
Some remodeling tasks are beautiful, but don’t add value to your home. Others add value, but don’t give us much pleasure. A bay or bow window does both! Think about adding a bay or bow window as part of your next remodeling project.


Source: Hunter Douglas, 2012.

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