Fresh Ideas with Bold Colors

Thursday, August 02, 2012
One of the most reasonable ways to make your home look memorable is to add bold colors...
...because you can make a big difference with small touches. 
Bold hues make a statement and are a popular decorating trend right now. If you're craving some color in your interior look, think about making a bold statement with vibrant color:
  • Neon or electric colors
  • Bright red or bright blue
  • Acid green or orange
  • Jewel-toned reds, greens and blues
  • Shocking pink or turquoise
Bold is best in small quantities. So use caution; don't go overboard by adding too much of one bold color or using too many bold colors. We've all seen rooms that are almost dizzying because of too much color. Balancing a little bit of bold with a lot of neutral can provide a sophisticated, yet dramatic, look.
If you're not sure what bold color you'd like to add to your decor, take a look at the colors in your patterned furniture or a piece of artwork that's already in a room. Then select a bright color from the already existing furniture for a complementing shot of bold.
If you're hesitant to take too big of a step forward in bold, consider going bold in a small room first, like a guest bedroom or a bathroom. It's a good way to build your confidence. Or go bold with small touches in a larger room, such as a small piece of furniture, throw pillows, rugs, vases, knick knacks or one painted wall.
Try going bold in your home decor. It's not as scary as it seems seems. And you'll be pleased with the beauty if adds to your house.
Written By: Hunter Douglas, 2012
ShadesToYou 8/2/2012

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